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https://houseofcompulsion.com is the property of S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L., registered in Cluj Napoca, Romania, Aleea Calistrat Hogas 7, VAT ID 40580721, registered at the Trade Registry Office under J12/430/2019, email studio@houseofcompulsion.com. Specific terms will be used throughout this document and will have the following meaning:

  • THE SITE: Represents the online website that belongs to S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. (https://houseofcompulsion.com), through which the USER has access to information about the services and products offered by S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. in its shop network and through the website https://houseofcompulsion.com;
  • THE USER: is the person who accesses the website, for private or professional reasons, and has accepted the Terms and Conditions involved in using the website, by providing all of the login data necessary to set up an account;
  • ABUSIVE USAGE: refers to using the website contrary to the standard usage customs and active laws and in any other way that might harm S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L.


S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. abides by the laws in effect regarding data confidentiality; https://houseofcompulsion.com and S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. will not alienate any confidential personal data from its users towards third parties and will only use those in order to make contact with its clients/users as well as informing them of certain technical site issues, offers and company policies; https://houseofcompulsion.com and S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. do not encourage SPAM emails, do not give your contact information to third parties, do not sell, offer or exchanges emails obtained from this website, do not give away your email to anyone else without your clear consent.

S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. does not take responsibility for any loss of information due to technical errors or the hosts’ server security issues or any other actions from third parties.

According to the Romanian Law no. 677/2001 regarding the consumer’s protection and data retrieving and usage, and Romanian Law no 506/2004 regarding usage of personal data and protecting private life during electronic communication, S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. has the obligation to use, under safe conditions and only for said purposes, the personal data from any customer. The purpose of collecting data is to operate and deliver user/customer orders. According to Romanian Law 677/2001, you have the right to access and edit your data and the right to address a court of law. You also have the right to refuse to have your data stored and used and demand your personal data deleted. To apply these rights, please send us a written request, dated and signed by mail on our company’s address.

Please note that by accessing and using our Site, you consent unconditionally to our Privacy and Cookies Policy and General Terms and Conditions.


All published materials on this website belong to S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. These materials cannot be copied or reproduced, except when they are seen online. Downloading and copying the materials is only allowed for personal, non-commercial purposes. For any other kind of usage: publishing, advertising, graphics or any other type of usage, please contact studio@houseofcompulsion.com.

By going online to the https://houseofcompulsion.com website, users are in agreement to respect the terms and conditions indicated in this section and the laws it abides by. All users going online on our shop are asked to read the terms and conditions carefully.

The following terms and conditions are considered to be minimum applicable norms of usage. Using the site is done in agreement to the current laws of Romania. The terms and conditions can be altered by updating the site, the new terms and conditions become effective immediately after the publishing is available to all users. There are no other terms and conditions accepted on this site except those published here, with the precise exception of those allowed and accepted by S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. by issuing a request at studio@houseofcompulsion.com


Acceptance of an order placed on the Website is subject to compliance with the procedure put in place by S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L., expressed by a succession of different stages that the customer must follow in order to validate their order. Any order validated by the customer is in accordance with the contract of sale and acceptance of all of the clauses of these terms and conditions. An email confirmation summarizing the order (products, prices, product availability, quantity etc.) will be sent to the customer by S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. from our official e-mail address, studio@houseofcompulsion.com

For this purpose the customer formally accepts the use of email for receiving confirmation of the contents of their order from the company S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. In any event, the invoices are available in the “My Account” section.


  • Online with debit/credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex); payment is secured by our partner Stripe, known for their excellent security solutions. The payments shall be made on the “Checkout” secured page, via Stripe. Your data is encrypted, so https://houseofcompulsion.com does not have access to your bank account details.
  • Online with Apple Pay; payment is secured by our partner Apple. The payments shall be made on the “Checkout” or “Cart” secured page. Your data is encrypted, so https://houseofcompulsion.com does not have access to your bank account details.
  • Online with Google Pay; payment is secured by our partner Google. The payments shall be made on the “Checkout” or “Cart” secured page. Your data is encrypted, so https://houseofcompulsion.com does not have access to your bank account details.

If you want to make a payment with a gift card, simply go to “Cart” and enter your gift certificate code into the coupon field. If the order amount exceeds the gift certificate amount, please select the payment method with which you wish to cover the amount remaining. If the gift certificate amount exceeds the order amount, you may use the same code for your next purchase. The amount remaining shall be available until your credit balance has been used up completely, without any time constraint, meaning that gift cards purchased on our website DO NOT EXPIRE.


Deliveries are carried out by Urgent-Cargus (Romania) and DHL (all international deliveries), Monday to Friday. The delivery is made to the shipping address indicated by the customer, keeping in mind that it must be the address of the customer’s residence, another individual of their choice or a legal entity (delivery to their company). Deliveries cannot be made to hotels or P.O. boxes.

Orders are shipped on average between two – four weeks of processing, but the period may be extended up to five weeks, in particular when it comes to periods which are busier than usual, such as Christmas and other holidays and after launching new items. In order for the deadlines to be respected, the customer must make sure that they have provided accurate and complete information concerning the delivery address (including in particular: house number number/name, building number/name, staircase, access codes, names and/or numbers for the intercom, etc.).

The timescales indicated are indicative deadlines, corresponding to the average time of processing and delivery. S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to a delivery delay that is not of their own making. 
We ship with Urgent-Cargus in Romania and with DHL Express internationally.
For the products delivered internationally product prices are exclusive of all taxes and duties, as well as Romanian VAT. Please note that custom taxes, duties and handling fees for each individual country might be applied and invoiced separately through DHL and will be supported by the customer.

The possibility of import fees or taxes is stated all throughout our checkout process and site (both in the cart and checkout area) and by placing an order and accepting the terms and conditions the customer is agreeing that they are responsible to pay said taxes. If the customer refuses to pay the taxes and the parcel is returned to us, the customer will be refunded the item’s value without both shipping and return charges DHL charges our company for an unfinished delivery. 

We accept returns and exchanges within 14 days of delivery confirmation. The customer is responsible for additional shipping costs, unless eligible for a free return. Return requests received later the above time frame are not to be accepted.
You must notify us by e-mail at studio@houseofcompulsion.com if you wish to return products.

https://houseofcompulsion.com will only accept returns of non-faulty items that are in their original condition, have not been worn, altered or washed, with all tags attached. If you receive any order without tags please notify us immediately if you wish to return the item. We strongly advise all customers to check garments thoroughly upon delivery, before removing any attached tags and before disposing of any original packaging. The items that have been exchanged can only be dispatched after the returned goods have been received and undergone a quality control check. The customer is responsible for additional shipping costs. If a refund is required, a time frame of 14 days should be calculated for the receipt of your returned merchandise and the return/refund process.

The refund time frame depends on the credit card used. Please note that the refund will only be issued to the credit card used for the order, if the payment was made in cash we will need a bank account number and the account holder name.

Please note that shipping costs, that international customs duties and sales taxes will not be refunded. For any further questions regarding our returns and exchanges, please contact us at studio@houseofcompulsion.com


The products sold on our website benefit from warranty certifications in accordance with the laws in effect at the current time and according to the commercial policy of the producers.


S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. will not be liable of any type of prejudice (direct, indirect or accidental) that comes from using or the inability to use the information presented on our website and any kind of errors or missing information from the content which might cause any kind of losses.

The information can be printed only for personal usage.

The information cannot be printed, distributed or sent to another person or used in any other type of document without the written consent of its authors.


For any conflict that might arise between S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L. and its user/clients we will seek to solve it amiably. If however this is not possible, the litigation will be settled by a court of law in the jurisdiction of S.C. HOUSE OF COMPULSION STUDIO S.R.L.



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